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To A Woman In The Suburbs

Now like a great wind my heart rushes towards you,
Oh my love,
Now the cold night sinks under the skin of blue fish,
So sleep peacefully in your suburban home.
You are filled with the honesty of a child,
So purely transparent
All who see you cast evil from their hearts,
Good and evil are unveiled before you,
You are truly a supreme judge,
With your child's honesty
You discerned a nobler self
Inside the endless squalour of my life.
I don't know myself what you saw in me,
Only that with you as my supreme judge
My happiness is in your hands,
I believe that my warm flesh
Is filled by a self unknown to me.
It's winter and the last leaf has fallen from the zeklova tree,
The night is hushed,
Now like a great wind my heart rushes towards you
Like a soft precious spring welling up from the depths of the earth,
Wetting every last inch of your clear skin.
Wherever you go, my heart
Leaps, dances, wings away,
But is always watching over you,
Oh my love,
This is the very well-spring of a perfect life,
So sleep peacefully,
For the winter night is as cold as a villain,
Sleep peacefully now in your suburban home,
Sleep like a child.

The Chieko
by Kotaro

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