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The Fountains Of Humanity

The world has turned a fresh green
And the rain falls again,
The noise of the rain
As it stirs swarms of creatures into life
Always fills me with terror,
My seething soul
Bursts out, breaking loose
To make me anew, again and again,
Now I die, now I am re-born,
Two o'clock becomes three o'clock
Just as from the tip of one green leaf another new leaf shoots out,
And today, once again, I've felt
My soul racing within me
And in utter silence
Have sat still
Letting tears flow
Thinking so deeply about you
As if I were holding you in my arms,
You are truly half of me,
You trust me completely,
You share all of my pain,
You are
I've tasted bitter loneliness,
You know how close I came to the depths of desolation,
And the only one
To see who I really was
And understand me entirely
Was you.
I am set on my own course,
I am as honest as the grass and trees,
Ah, how well you saw this!
You are truly alive,
You are like a surging, swelling sea
And having you as mine
Brings a smile to my face,
You make my life so varied and rich
I no longer feel the loneliness I felt before,
In the world I'm living in now
I'm on my own path,
I have no friends to take me by the hand,
Only friends who understand little of me and I of them,
I'm no longer saddened by loneliness
Because it's natural and inevitable
And I try to find what satisfaction I can in it,
If I didn't have you,
Well, it's unimaginable,
It's foolish to even begin to imagine it,
You are
In you there is a great world of love,
When I'm separated from others,
Thanks to you, I am able to breathe the breath of life,
I can be an active part of humanity,
I just head towards you, casting everything aside
And soak myself in the deep distant fountains of humanity,
You were born for me,
You are
I have you, I have you

The Chieko
by Kotaro

© Paul Archer - All Rights Reserved